a cloudy morning it is . with no sun in the sky . are the days getting darker? i would have quit my job this morning if it wasnt in need of cash . just got to hang on a few more months before i can leave this hell . yet i cannot change my job cause i wont have enough time to start over. runnin away wouldnt be the answer. just got to drag on a few m0re months to save as much money as possible. try not to think about it. but then there is nothing on my mind that can take it away right now. only time will tell …


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  1. Hang in there~ life’s like that!Looks like you’ve settled down fine in Xanga.. hehhe.. one way you can get more ppl to visit your site is to leave comments on THEIR sites, on their entries, and they would most likely check you out. Have fun~!


  2. hahahhaa.. i cant seem to post nething on ur chatter.. but newais.. this is wot i said.. 🙂
    “ahahaha i think ur webbie only applies for programmers.. or ppl in IT.. it’s alrite for me tho! ehhehe.. but yea it’s not user friendly! :)”btw, wat sorta job are u doing right now? uve gotta hang in there.. ive endured mine for 10 months now!


  3. i can offer a the following words of comfort –> i know how it feels! ahha nah hang in there buddy…or if u aint enjoying it..go find urself a new job or sth..the least u need is to stress over job…lifes more to offer htan that *smiles*


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