One of my many choices of weapon, I introduce you Philip Champion’s aka Hot Sauce’s And 1’s very own ‘2 chi’. Hope it doesnt rain today so i can break some ankles at the court. Yet it has been raining over the past few days. Things are goin very well for me the whole week what more to say the weather. Hope I can release it all on court today, everything that has been bothering my head since last friday. Going away seems like a dream coming true. But at the same time money seems to be the largest issue. March is the timelimit which before that I have to save up as much as possible in order to enjoy my ‘leaving’ part to the fullest. Godspeed


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  1. Money is ALWAYS an issue.. and it’s so hard to keep up, so hard to control from spending, so hard to be strong and save as much as possible to reach our goals.. I know I get tempted to spend all the time.. but have to SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!


  2. Gosh..u must really like basketball…anyway,thx for dropping by my site n for the comment..i’ll see ya around…
    And uhh…when you’re in court,spare some ppl’s lives will ya~ hehe


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