lucky! it didnt rain on saturday n sunday .. and today of coz . been playing my heart out on court. breakin ankles, hitting jump shots, snaring at peepz when they are left behind cz of my crossover, joking around, talking trash, loving every moment of it. even if dun speak d same language, when u play ball .. its universal ..

left around less then 9 days, and i got to cover up one month’s sales, i think i should b able to make it doh .my fcukin exec is giving me hard damn time . his not d ceo of the company why should he makes me n his life miserable . just dun get it . but i guess ill just have to do watever shit to save up for d next few mths n its sayonara time! weird, it seems my dreams of leaving is finally gonna come thru, but cz of d few times .. the things iv failed in .. i wonder . this is gonna collapse again like d previous things i was trying to acheive . plz just let it be .. this time


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  1. You really play a lot of B-Ball!!!!! Like… you’re OBSESSED with the game, dude~ lol, just kidding.. it’s healthy. My bf plays b-ball almost everyday while he was here.. hehehee. Hang in there, life ain’t easy. Bosses always give you a hard time. You’ll get through this!


  2. hey hey… *breaaaaaaaaathe* *breaaaaaaaaaathe* dun stress urself out with uneccessary thoughts.. take one thing at a time aights… and it’s sucky when bosses does that.. but we’ve gotta jus take their shit and do wat is right.. uve jus gotta be strong.. mabbe u should jus slam the b-ball into ur boss’s face! ehehe..


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