life goes on . weird, how u can feel so lost when suddenly smth is lost in ur life . its like suddenly all ur dreams n goals means nothing at all . then u have to adapt n change ur plans according to the situation . people always take things for granted n never appreciate them till its gone n suddenly u realize how important is that person or that thing to u . but then its too late, no matter wat u do, u think or how u feel wont bring it back anymore . but i guess its just one of d weakness of being human . i guess thats life . no matter what obstacles we face . we have to learn to be strong n deal with it . if not there is no use living . theres no meaning for living a life where everything comes free . in life we cant always have d way we want it to be . shit happens . even so, im telling my heart n soul i should adapt to d new things that is coming my way . but i still cant get over d past, looking back not willing to let it go . its like its tearing me apart inside becoz its going both ways n i cant hold on to the past even i wanted to . how could i ever fall into this place where i am now? i never thought i would b here . where is d coldness i had all this while? just for a moment i let my guard down . for a kiss under the stars beside a lake , a glimpse later . im sitting alone thinking abt all that has flash by … sad case.. really


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  1. Yes, we just have to be strong and hold on~ someday you’ll be someplace you’re content with, doing the things you don’t mind doing, spending time with wonderful friends and sweet loved ones… your first step is simply…heheheh… SMILE!Cause it’s contagious you see… people see you also happy happy… learn to love, and you’ll be loved. Be strong, and everyone will see that strength in you. Be enthusiastic, and people will wonder what the heck is wrong with you, but laugh anyway cause it’s amusing.Whoopss… i’ve said too much. Sorry if I sound kepo.p/s: I want my future baby to look as cute as THAT baby. :p


  2. Life is miserable sometimes, but NO matter wat… Life is Beautiful.. Have faith!~ and ALl da best, dude!~ U r got ur gut there!~
    I play bball for fun.. never an expert in the game.. hehhheheh.. (love ur background song)
    Have a great day, dude!~


  3. yeah sometimes it’s hard to let go of past…maybe that’s because all of us are human beings with memories. Here’s a sentence for ya: “Don’t Give Up! Don’t Give in!” 🙂
    The pics…after I downloaded the pic from my cam to my PC, they were so darn dark that I had to brighten them up a little with some help from Photoshop…hehe…but the place looks ok from the 1st floor…not from the ground floor lol


  4. it’s never easy man. I’ve been through a lot of shit recently, but somehow I managed to float. had I sinked into my depression, I’d most likely won’t be here. adapting is never easy, what more to change your whole life to the situation.  just NEVER give up, no matter how shitty things can be. I’ve been there, done that. and you know what? it didn’t help things a bit by surrendering yourself into the darkness and helplessness. take my advice, just keep your head up, and things would take a turn for the better.
    anyway, I AM chinese. I’m mixed, half-Chinese half-Indian. thus the un-Chinese look…


  5. Eeee…who’s that sleeping??Hello helloo…wake up!
    Anyway,yea..I agree with you that people tend to take things for granted.So,guess since we cant change the past..make sure we make the best of the upcoming events in our lives yeah..;)
    Be strong Marvin..and all the best for whatever u pursue in ur life…;)


  6. hey.. ull be fine.. i was in that stage early this year.. it isnt sumthing i wanna look back at and smile.. but then again.. as u move on with life.. if you allow things to happen.. u will thank God that ure willing to let it all slip away.. and welcome new beginnings.. cause life is always a challenge.. it may seem hard now.. but as u progress on.. ull smile as new things come along your path.. :)jus be strong okay.. and yeah.. appreciate every passing moment.. and every each one.. ive lost my grandma and ive been regretting not treating her better.. and now she’s gone.. ive jus been too complacent..


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