well started off my day getting screw for almost 30minutes in the office about smth that has passed like 2months!! my god . its really stupid . but i guess really just have to stay on for a few mths lookin at their faces before i shout out n yell ‘FOR FCUK SAKE! I QUIT’ . nah thats all just in my head . but i guess i found i had a speacial ability today . that is i can keep stealth n silent mode no matter what my boss said at me, evendoh most of it is crap . he even asked me ‘any words?’ . i just looked at him and shook my head . headed off to the to war down at the battlefield after that . done my job n before 1pm i was at home . was online d whole afternoon evendoh i felt like sleeping . and my god! had meeting or so called briefing at 5 where i was suppose to go rock the court and be kobe  n lose all those problems n pressure in my head for an instance . by the time we finish . it was nearly 8pm . headed home and was looking fwd to a hot shower n some dinner . that felt really good . no doubt abt it but after that i had no mood to play ball even . mayb fatigue . sitting here wondering, dreaming of in space …. my day is nearly over . sad life


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  1. hey yoo~~
    haha, ohh.. your days are worse than mine,… today i’m alrite.. just din play basketball for a few days makes me sick,.. hahaha…. yeah,.. don’t play too much, it’s bad for health!!! dun keep winning too πŸ™‚
    Yeah, you got that ability to just stand there and listen to what the boss said, it’s a great gift!! It’s just like a connector in your mindset that you know how to control your connector and trigger when it should be cut off and protect yourself, practice it all the time so you won’t get hurt nor bothered bout things around you….  πŸ™‚


  2. yeah, quarrelling with a boss is such a loss cuz even if we’re right, they’ll say that we’re wrong unless we could come out with a perfect argument LOL. Another talent you have…you have a good anger management –> play bball to release stress…good good πŸ™‚ ps,sometimes i bring my digicam along when i go out…hehe…in case i saw something interesting


  3. hey, i’ve discovered that art of “blocking strange sounds” (my mum’s nagging) a looooong time ago.
    and don’t always think that life is sad. you make your life, so if you keep thinking it’s a sad one, then it’s gonna be one. be more optimistic. πŸ˜‰


  4. u work till 1pm only? wat sorta work are u involved in? programming? ehhehehe..yeah i know how it feels like.. happened to me yesterday.. these ppl jus dont trust interns.. double standards..but u do wat’s right aight! πŸ™‚


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