woke up at 7+ my god!! that is early for a saturday .. weird .. cz im feeling good today even i had quite lil sleep last nite . mayb its cause d weather today is great . money is coming in  . got to work hard to save for me up n coming trip dat is gonna change my life . last nite was all good, went drinking with my pals at a place called ‘soho’ . it was happening as always . alot of chics . some not so pretty, but damn their legs are fine! but d thing abt kuching is . there is no proper dance floor . and ppl here cant enjoy dancing . it looks like a great weather today for breakin ankles . w00t .


6 thoughts on “”

  1. ooh
    soho is fun fun fun
    yeah.. no dance floor
    and overpriced beer..
    i wonder wht the price is like after the price hike..
    hoegaarden…. hahaha gotta be the weirdes beer name i’ve heard.. and it was in soho that i had my first taste of budweiser… yuck.. asian beer.. much better.. TSINGTAO RULES!
    kynan a.k.a the whitecap


  2. kch clubs suck. no plc dance. crowded s hell. hot like wd. urgh. bt 8 least they look nice. grappa, soho, 99 i mean. nt fengtau sh*t like ovr here in miri.


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