to treat each other as a friend? a reason to keep in touch, care for each other .. speacial bond? with no attachment? sounds heavenly . but is that such a r/ship possible? i dun want someone like that . it will help me b better person like that in d future . but i guess im too selfish to face d pain n live with it . why i cant just hate her, it would b easier . why dun i place her with all those ppl who i dun give a fcuk about . dat doesnt even come into my mind even once in a blue moon . i wish, i wish i can , but why is it so hard?

thinking back about it . actually d things ive done to ppl . i do deserve this , but then im not that tough as i thought . taking it all . its breaking me down . i think sitting in d rain right now would b a nice thing to do . to clear my head .



19 thoughts on “”

  1. Marvin Ong Huan Chu…..why do all teh phrases sound SSSooooooo familiar hooooo…should copyright it earlier…hahhaha……
    be Tough duDeeee….”marvie Boleh!~~”


  2. u r pretty eloquent n emotional. quite unlike d tough guy persona u put on. shdnt come s a surprise, bt it’s stil hard 2 connect d marvin ppl who dno u wel c n d marvin who posts here.
    hang in thr dude. evry1’s gotta go thru pain. nt evry1 cn deal w it. bt i doubt u’r part of the latter grp.
    tk k of urslf whn u’r in US (m i correct?) aye.


  3. hahha aww thanks for the comment! =)&..aww….your post it so sad =(and a relationship like that, that is possible..its called “friends with benifits” heheh.. cheer up doode!!


  4. i guess its because those people have such deep impact on us till one can never hate em as much as we wanted to. hang on there. one day u’ll realise that the person just isnt worth it.. haha then u’ll start to hate em..


  5. wish you a good luck in relationship…i don’t really have any relationship advice to give cuz I’m really not very experienced in it (mine is a mess too lol, too bad) but better don’t sit in the rain…can get headache or fever.
    ps, you asked me about X –> X is a boy I used to like, he’s in my class and his good friend told him that I liked him a few months ago and of course it was so darn weird so I told him it was true but of course, that’s all cuz I don’t think he’s my type. We’re still friends but hardly talk unless necessary…so I realized that I shouldn’t admit that I like someone’s good friend unless I can bear the consequences.


  6. hey, haha how’d you know angela?
    anyways, I’ve tried sitting in the rain before, it gets you sick so take a shower. It does the same thing.
    haha jk, anyways, don’t be so harsh on yourself, if you realize all this then you’re not all that selffish. Besides, even if you are selffish, love changes a person.
    (If you’re not from china then why does it say “Note: your comment will appear in jitpunkia’s local time zone:GMT +08:00 (China Coast) ” at the bottom of your comment box?)


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