wondering should i give up everything i have here, my friends, my job . to try again n start over at some place new, where i know no one at all . that is the question iv been asking myself d whole nite .the visa has been approved . what kind of visa? im not sure about it . thats what worries me the most  . what is gonna happen in a few months time . even the period and time length is so short but i cant see what would i be doing or where would i be . it all seems like a cloudy blurry picture like this picture above . dreaming n wondering what would become of me in the next few months . the only thing i can feel now is worrying abt d problem . but then thats not gonna help anything or solve anything at all, even one bit cz i wont and i dont have d answer to it right this moment .what would be of me .. i wonder



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  1. Heys..Im sure you’ll be good..given some time to really think of it.Whatever it is,do well and stay tough ya!
    And oh..my friend Donna asked me to tell you she said hi..=)


  2. You know what.. count me in. I’m in the same boat. Everything is so uncertain, and i’m not just talking about love… financial.. my future.. what’s gonna happen the next few months.. even after i graduate.. are my parents going to be in full control? Am i supposed to do what THEY want me to do? Will they ever care about what I want, for once? I’m sorry i had to let it all out here. Just letting you know my life isn’t all rosy… take care.


  3. hey marvin, you will always have 2nd thoughts, and 3rd thoughts and so on, can’t help that. Just do it, knowing that hey, if it doesnt work out, you can come back here. if you dont take the risk and do it, then you’ll never know. dont worry about not knowing people and stuff, things like that dun matter. I came back with the same thinking, not knowing what I’ll end up doing, but always knowing I can go back if it doesnt work out. you’ve already gone a long way in making the decision to have a totally fresh start in an unknown environment – good on ya


  4. dat would be fun.. but we’re still ur friends!! remember that!! new environment and new friends *thumbs up* it’ll be great choice if u’re willing to sarcrifice ^^ good luck on it ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. tough choice, but also at the same time…
    life is too short to stay in the familiar…
    do what challenges you,
    take on what scares you,
    venture into the unfamiliar and you
    maybe surprised… =)


  6. i blogged about my future too today until i came to yours.. sigh.. i guess everyone goes through that somehow or rather…jus take one thing at a time.. and plan out your goals and follow them…ultimately.. leave it to God.. he knows wat to do…ull be fine.. LA’s gonna be fun.. but dun set too high an expectation okay.. cause u dun wanna be disappointed.. it happened to me in melbourne.. i had such high expectations and when it wasnt met.. i was sooo bummed.. it wasnt a good feeling…sorry didnt reply u in msn.. i was already sleeping! hehehehe…


  7. Tomorrow is too far away. Never Know what wiLL happen next. Can’t buy an insurance for that or anything. even u bought one. it doesn’t help the situation. so LIve LIke U gonNA Die TOmoLo!!! ๐Ÿ˜›


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