doesnt this look like some movie drama or smth? its thanx to my cousin baller tak here . sitting in d middle . his d one whose done this pic . like bball . i have to go with d flow i think . shouldnt worry too much , cz most of us cant see whats in front . but for me . even d next few mths . i cant see d picture clearly . its kinda blurry pic for me . i hope everything goes well . and its friday! party time! like always love to face pressure, taking it as a challenge . love the critics . showing them wat i got . its crunch time baby


21 thoughts on “”

  1. hey~ this is mandy from friendster…. i like ur xanga alot..cuz u write alot of meaningful things…=) deep thoughts..heheheanways..take carez =Mandee=


  2. Chivas ok wat!!!hehehehe…I know dad we drink Black label a lot…hehehehe…Gud looking last nite huh!!!Cute wat…More cuter without ur usual cap…heheheh


  3. Hehehehe….ur owez cute in my eyes…hahahaha….I did have fun last nite but missed my man soo damn muchhh…Luckily my couz ask me to drink a lot,soo dad kinda help a bit la…hehehehe.


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