the count down has started . 37days to reach my destination, 33days left for me to glare at my computer n d walls at home . finally gonna leave home n begin a journey where as it would change the course of my life forever . maybe .

have been wondering for d past few days, what would i feel, what would go thru my mind when im at d airport the day im about to leave . who would be there to send me off . maybe noone at all, but that would not be a suprise or a shock to me . when d time comes, for my life to end, i too dun expect anyone to send me .

its gonna be a short countdown, as in no time . it will arrive . and i shall know the answers to all my questions right now . so many questions, yet no answer ..


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  1. wish u d the best of luck la….iono..LA should be a fun place for u..since there’s alot of clubbing and partying..who knows..hahaha.. good luck to u la…


  2. hey have a good trip to wherever you’re heading. im sure everything will work out fine. as for the people sending u off, im sure heaps of friends will come by. through observation, if its ones first trip away from home, usually a whole herd of friends will come. then the numbers decreases as times comes.enjoy much of left at home and appreciate what u have at home. living outside home sometimes doesnt promise the luxuries we taken for granted at home cook food and a car! =penough ranting from me


  3. thanks!
    actually i don’t like people coming to the airport and send me off when i have to leave…i just don’t like the feeling. it’s weird. so embarrassed. and i’m afraid to see people crying and missing me. it makes me cry. i don’t like seeing people suffering-_-: haa i’m happy with coming back and leaving along. anyways, are u going to the US for studying or?


  4. ya…true wat u wrote down on my blog.Well,seems dad ur leaving ‘Soo Soon’ den wat i expected but u have to do wat u have to ma…U take care & let’s take picture this weekends,k….Really gonna miss da way ur dancing man….Cheers.:(


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