i was browsing thru niketalk.com . as a kobe lover . i had to search for wat kicks are on his feet these few games . and if im not mistaken . these are those 2k4 laser on his feet . man! i got get one of those when im over there . got to earn my 1st few bucks . or might even when i arrive . will shop for them for sure .

comparison, kobe vz micheal . no doubt micheal is the best player in d world but then wat kobe has is youth . and that will always win big time .u can find sum1 who is 40+, and he finally earns his 1st million . there are guys who are around 23 o 24 who earn their 1st milion . there are even more younger ones then that i didnt mention . anyways youth always win . u got to acheive and go for ur dreams . never give up . times waits for no man . dun  look back . thats the way to live . to the maximum . feel d adrenaline rush .  that is wat i think how we all should live our lives

peace out

yea another day gone . another day closer to the city on angels


9 thoughts on “”

  1. honestly i dink LA is d place for u…ur soooooooooo soooooooooo obsess wif bball and kobe..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….aiite
    have fun..^^


  2. hey marv~!! Chung Siang here, hmm know who or not? Hmmm if you posted ur Huarache 2K4 post a little earlier, I could have hooked you up with a pair. Hehe, good luck finding it in LA, it’s not so limited, but it’s sold out and resellers are asking for cut throat prices. I’ve got my pair waiting for me in Oz….hehe Word Up – Huarache 2K5, KICKS ASS!


  3. whoah! you can spot his shoes??? i cannot see anything other than it’s white and has a greyish tags on the side…hmmm…you have good eyesights! Good luck with your life over there. keep blogging ya


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