i dunno why . but i still cant let go . its been 3mths and 16days . but then why am i still not over her? why am i still missing her? why is it no matter where i go or what i do, i still see her shadow all over the place,every corner? im so suprise im not d person i always tot i am . i always think i would never be in this place . where it hurts so much feeling lost becoz of sum1, becoz of d memories . i tot i would never get hurt and always b on top of d game, since so much calculation n preparation has been made . wat should i do n how should i play d game . but then i feel like even with so much plans n tactics has been prepared . but all of a sudden, im here, d place im not suppose to be .

one side of me is telling me i need to move on, on the otherside i wanna break down n cry . i guess i really need to let it burn …

i know ppl do say ‘if u love sum1, let her go, if shes happy, u would b happy too’ .. but is dat true? or is it false hope for ppl like me to comfort themselves during d moment of pain n lost? im trying to force myself to follow n blif that theory, but it doesnt seem to work rite now , cz i have doubts in it . is that wat losers say when they cant win in d game of love?

it is nature for all of us to go on our own paths n write our own stories in life , but then now . i feel kinda sad leaving everything . the memories i once had . for a chance to start a new life . that has been wat i wanted all along . n why, its here now . i feel abit of sadness arising from within . less then a month to go . n i can finally leave every memory, every sadness, happiness, everything behind n start to build a new path in my life, to write a new chapter . but then at d same time im scared that these memories will b with me till d end . of coz it will, but i do hope i can contain it in a small box deep inside my heart . cz as i think wat i am . i am strong . i am cold . i can do without memories n stories of my past . .. that is wat i think . but im startin to have doubts on myself n my blifs .



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  1. lol ur talking to the quEEN of not being able to let go. time is the only thing that helps and no matter where or when – there’s always gonna be someone… right? … you’re always gonna wonder and think back… always that one person… n e hoo.. nice entry. sometimes it’s hard to be happy… it’s always easier said than done!


  2. maybe you’re strong-willed but not cold? yeah, it’s difficult to get rid of memories and someone you love so much…but time does heal the pain, even if you don’t think it will right now. Take care~


  3. i play the game too ~~ but.. i end up getting hurt some of the time as well bor.. so eh.. ~~ hmmm trust me. no matter how much the calculation.. someting will turn up not to calculation ga wor. ALWAYS!!
    if u need someone to tok to.. or rather. some bear to tok to ~ id be here.. always ! ^^ *hugs*


  4. letting go of someone is definitely tough… but that thing called love can be a waste of time too.. and it gets sickening after a while…
    surround yourself with other people… and you’ll soon forget her..
    cheer up mate.


  5. as my 2 cents worth, i guess letting go someone is kinda hard. 3months aint a long time yet. it’ll get better after awhile depending on how much u gave in to the person.
    loving someone is hard. never give up on love as if shes not the right one then another will be. it may not be the perfect match just yet.
    maybe when times come, if shes the one for you, she’ll be by your side. you’re still young boy!


  6. i gez no1 reli lets go, evn mo so if u reli reli loved tht person.. yeah i noe hw u feel. d truth is tht no1 eva reli 4gets a past love, bt most ppl manage 2 move on n cope w tht kinda perceived emotional loss.
    hey it’s only been 3 mths.. time wil fade d pain n d wht ifs tht mk u wana turn bck time so bad n change tings.
    wd’s done is done. memories hold u bck whn u shd go on w life. mayb it’s ezier n mo comfortin 2 hold on 2 d memory of her instead of venturin out thr alone n find a new life w/o her. mayb d thot of her stil haunts u so bad u feel she’s nt quite gone yet..
    gif urslf a chance n leggo – u mite jz find sum1 who suits u beta. =)


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