i dedicate this entry to my band of brothers that iv known for quite some years . and also to tell them how much i love each n everyone of em . how they make me feel needed n a sense of belonging . where i would never feel lost when there are around me .u all will always b in my heart .

a boyz nite out . we had bbq . we got drunk . we smoke . we laugh . i can never find friends like this anywhere on this earth . i tot i can just give them up just with a flick of a finger . but wat they showed me deep inside wat they truly are, made me realize wat i really am inside . im gonna miss them when im in LA . d best word to describe us in d pics is ‘random’ . even got one of the pics, im gettin totured by having a taste of  d ‘walls of jericho’ . man! it hurts . but to hear their laugther brings joy to my heart . even i laugh along when i could catch my breathe that is .

but guys, nature states that we all have to go on our own paths . to discover wat we are . to write our own chapters in our life story . but we will always b friends … forever .

man can live without a lover, but a man cant live without friends …


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  1. d pictures are SO TINY..i can barely see it..geez…=p hahaha…..yea..i one can live w/out friends..ish hard…buh u’ll be fine..cuz they will always be in ur heart…=) … enjoy wut is left la…


  2. man can live without a lover, but a man cant live without friends … <– applies to everyone right…so yea,true true…i totally agree on that..=) friends know u longer anyways n will always be there n they dont get cranky coz u didnt call them up or ur out with other friends..haha!


  3. u are very right… man cannot live without friends…
    apparently, smoking, drinking and going crazy would probably be the best form of man to man bonding…


  4. omg.. u guys look like ur ging having fun!! wowowo ~~ sooo good ! hey hey.. bearbear added jor u lu!!~~ ^^ *hugs* ~~ kekeke. and i saw ur bear!! keke. but my metro is bigger and cuter!!! hmph!!!~~ kekekeke


  5. thanks marvin?? haha
    i’m looking forward to be back to hk. i wanna be like u. taking heaps of funny pictures with all my best buddies. not only boys, but girl like me, also NEED FREINDS to accompany with!!! i miss them heaps…


  6. hey yooo~~
    haha… yeap, it’s true that we can live without anything but not friends….. NOT FRIENDS!!!Those photos are cool and funny.. haha… Take good care in LA, gonna miss those days !!!! See you 🙂 gonna dunk over you!!!


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