hangover . is wat u get when u invite too many friends to go clubbing at once . cause u had to drink with all of em . i din even get to drink all of them . i was already drunk half way . but i really had fun guys . thx to you all last nite . shout out to deek n his girl, my brothers, soon, 45 , tak, siaw, fat joe, durian vince, thx for d drinks geoffrey n his look alike aaron friend, ah yang!, thx paul n fredrick for taking care of me last nite . was so drunk if i was left at soho last nite . i couldnt get back last nite . sleep for almost 14hrs since last nite . still feel tired . but now at least my head stop to pump blood that hard . but its all good mates, i always see other ppl drunk n getting emotional n cry n stuff, i was scared when i get drunk i would b like that, thinkin abt d sad things in life, but yet was so happy im not, i was not even a slight or a drop of sadness inside! mata koko kara, sore sore atarashi no michi wa aru kara (from here on, there will be new roads arising). its a new beginning from here on .. there is nothing to be sad abt . we all have to b happy that we are alive . we all should live for the moment ..


10 thoughts on “”

  1. I mizz the chance to see u vormit la…..Gez wat!!!I’m not leavin 4 KL till Jan la…hehehhe….U’ll be there rite….For wat anyway?Holiday or clubbin?hehehe


  2. GEz i’m gonna miz ur Melbourne Shuffle for gud lo!!!Hehehe….Well,hope to see ya this weekends for party and hope dad we can still keep in touch thru mails….hehehe……


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