lets say, we somehow had a photo shoot out . d days are closing in till d day i leave this town . but i guess it gets prettier as d days draws closer . wondering am i gonna miss this town . but then again ..sleeping like nobodys business during d day . n go out at night with my friends . having a good time . getting drunk during d weekends . spending money with zero income . its fun, no doubt abt it . its kinda of a holiday to me . it has been sometime since i last enjoyed life like this .. we all need a break once in a while


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  1. u learn 2 appreciate more whn u hv 2 let go.. tht’s life. beauty’s around, only tht we’re so wrapped up in our own lives 2 notice. but whn u find out tht u gotta leave tht life of urs.. u look around, n wonder how u nv noticed.
    u hv fun n indulge urself. gotta make good memories 2 bring w u aye?


  2. the best things in life are unplanned, and it’s good to have fun, rather than think back and go damn i wasted my life on nothing…cause in the end all you’ll have is memories and thoughts of the fun times you had, and that someone will remember you….


  3. yup me n my girls are also enjoying ourselves now πŸ˜€ in the same house,
    if u r wondering how come so many ppl can use the internet at the same time,
    haah say thanks to wireless LAN
    i can see that you’re having fun through the pics smoking and chillin and all
    enjoy your hols while u can, not many have the opportunity
    take care there ❀


  4. Hey MArv….ur at Grappa and din tell me wan…Damn cruel man…hahahha…Nah…me cuz told me dad u were there..I was late but at least i’m wasted again…hahhaha….Meet ya 2nite aight…Take summo pix for memories aight!!!


  5. nice pics…miss Kuching already? It holds too many memories, doesn’t it? Have fun while you’re still in Kuching, when you leave this town, you’ll have no regret. Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


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