i can say this is my last entry ill do in kch before i head on my long journey thats gonna change my life tml .

well its so early on the last sunday morning . last night was like a dream, dreams where u have butterflies all inside and all .when i opened my eyes a while ago . i couldnt believei would b leaving 26hrs time . i couldnt believe the whole gang were dancing there last nite till Grappa closed down . i couldnt believe i did had the last dance till the last track . shout out to deek n his girl, durian vince, fat jo, camel siaw, 45 seng, camera tak, avalanche aka lanchiaw,soulmate soon,kim my cousin,meli from aus, rina n balan, the weird unclessabrina d prom queen can say my dancing partner while the other may throw ice once in a while . one of those most happening clubbing scene in kuching ever . i know they all wanted to make me cry n never forget that i have these one in a million friends back here at here .

had a great time this morning . manage to squeeze in laksa, a movie, lunch, red tea . trying to make more time for all of the wonders in kuching . like i said u never realize wat or how things are so precious n beautiful till u reach the moment of seperation . guess im human after all . im feeling abit blue n sad . my friends . my family . my dancing partner . wish i had one more week to go . but i guess its gonna b all over soon . gonna miss all of it . esp those ppl who i never consider as even ‘friends’ even came close n did those nice things to me n make me wonder . is it for show . or is it gonna melt me inside ? i wonder how im gonna be at 11 tommorow . how weird it was a few weeks back when i tot i was gonna b real happy to leave kch . then i know im gonna break down tml . just hope i dont get too emotional . iv always been able to b cold . why cant i be like that now? time is running out . ill b back to see all of u guys again man .. soon


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  1. Bye MarVin… ur last 22hours touching d ground of catsssss…. feel d salty sweat of urs.. make sure u speak as many hokkien ever before u leave… before u return it back all to ur grandma and ur parents… enjoy ur last and all d best in cali~ You can officially shout at d other part of earth … “Cali.. here i comE~~” now.. haha.. 


  2. I woke up and suddenly realised…wooooow…ur going…=/
    Didn’t know I’d get to know you this well right before you leave Kuching,but I’m glad I did.=D Been an “honor” to know u…(hahaha!!always forced to say that..)..but yea..had a great time being “bugged”,well..that’s a first!Hehe…
    So,u better take good care when u reach ur new place,startin’ ur new life..just remember not forget all the people who’s been trying to make u sad..haha..namely all of us,ur frens…all the best to ya and hope to see u again in the future..=) *Hugz*


  3. u were at grappa sat nite? *whack* babi. i was at Bings. lol. Nm. I believe that fate crossed our paths once, and that i’ll see you again.
    Mike asked if i wanted to send u off, told him i’m not close enough to u to want to. Hehe. But i’m just worried i’ll go bawl like nobody business. Hugs and kisses. Look my sis up in kl if you can, dah pesan beli sushi for you =)


  4. hey ure still gonna come back.. jus be strong.. ure gonna see your momma.. make new friends… have a fresh start in Cali.. ure gonna LOVIT in Cali… keep on blogging for us here aights… keep in touch yo… nice to have met u before u left… Ure a really wonderful person.. 🙂 God bless!


  5. aww..take care of yourself over there.. and always remember to live life to the fullest
    make sure you have all the important stuff and documents with you b4 you leave
    Good Luck..you’ll still update your blog right ? ; )


  6. take care of yourself man..
    and remember…. dont live the american dream, it only happens when u sleep anyway.
    haf a good time in the US rite?


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