well peepz . wat to say . its been one hell of a ride for 21yrs . theres been ups n downs . but i guess the tide is rising . it was some ordeal . i had my last 2 weeks spent in kuching as one of the most memorable n wonderful exp ever in kuching . spent another week in KL with a few fwends . then including transit from KLIA, HK n Taiwan . i was suppose to get here like 19hrs . but in the end it took 26hrs . my god! well wat can i say . been thinkin alot lately abt wat has happen to me all this while .. lots of memories .. michelle .. my friends . studies…. how good was sabrina to give me comfort when i needed it .’pure’ .. fwends at home who bball with me . fwends ballers + clubbers . yum cha friends . my family . my dad,my bro n my grandma . my mum’s side . tot abt the future . whether i would get here in one piece . its been 12hrs n 30mins since i landed . i have no words to describe LA . speechless . it is a wonderful n heavenly place . i feel d same feeling when i 1st arrived in japan 6yrs ago . its gonna b great !! everything is goin according to plan . gonna start college in march ..^^ will post up LA pics soon peepz , so hold on to ur horses

peace out


4 thoughts on “”

  1. sounds like ur enjoying here..kooz^^ dats gooda..hehehe
    and i wasn’t trying to test u with different kinds of lANGUAGE!..pshh..well maybe i was..hahaha
    take carez…. 


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