ok lets see, my 2nd day in LA . went shopping for food . at the hypermarket .. man everything in US is huge . the cars . the ppl .. and we thought darren was huge . he comes here . his just normal ..ppl here are huge!! i mean HUGE! not fat ..well d food are in big sizes . d roads have 6 to 7 lanes per way . everything is big . the city is big . u can see 5 to six planes in the sky at once flying somewhere . at nite . d lights on d hills would look like stars . anyways this is the 1st 2 young ppl iv met in LA . one is a typical .. really typical blonde that is nicole . the other one is a rocker chic named brittany . and she got my pierce all d way thru in less then 10mins? omG! d other pic is me at ‘costco’ some hypermarket .. man its huge! well hope i can try out my bball skills not long from today and also shop for some kicks when im at it .. ^^


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  1. hehehe…take more pICS!!!!!!!!!!!..lol….damn LA is cold lately….wear more!…. anways wen ur in arcadia or alhambra gimme a call okay?


  2. wazup!! thankx foe da comment & propzz! herez propzz from me = ]. u live in LA?! damn… datz my most FAVORITE city in da world!! wait… maybe second most… haha 1st is tokyo. yupyup. aiitez ima bounce!! peaCe. gone. …minami…


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