well folks . 4th day in cali, and i have travel all d way to the heart of los angelas city .. its own .. downtown they call it .. my god .. its really an eye opener .. and all u guys thought bintang walk was big .. this is like 30 bintang walks in one man . mexican area, china town,japanese town, korean area . etc there are so many kinds of ppl in this place its like a mad house . theres one pic dat i really like . its a mural or a graffiti done by sum1 . its on the streets of LA . it really caught my eye cz it was a 10 storey building . and i couldnt take d whole pic of d building . had burritos at ‘taco bell’ . guess im really living the american dream .. wonder if i would wake up from all of this .. i aint dreaming am i .. i am in california .. ^^



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  1. Hehehe… I miss all the sunshine… It’s snowing hard in Columbus now and I just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday. It snowed heavier there… I wish I get to feel the sun like you do….


  2. yup, im in North CaLi!! but i dont like where im at tHo… i love LA…!! im gon be there wen i graduate from high skool!! yupyup. soO u came from malaysia!? wow… i wana go over dere!! well, hav a wonderfuLL Christmas in Cali `n happy happy beautifuLL 2oO5!!! = ] peaCe. gone … minami …


  3. thanks for the props. so… cali eh? have you had any urges to break out in 2Pac yet?
    “california, looks like a party…” ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. =) Great to knw u’ve arrived there safely.Comfort?Hey,thats what friends are for right?To make others feel better when they’re not.
    Again,wish u all the best in everythg and stay in touch! =)


  5. _____________O______________*_________/___*________________*__()””()*____*_______________(“(‘o’,)______________*______(“)(“)(,)____*_____________==========____________*__mery Xmas___*_______*________/____________*______*____///_*____*_______________////_________*____*_____//////________________*_///////____*________________|_|_____________w!sH yA,**MeRrY X’m@s*&*HaPpY n3w YeaR** *Be**happy**always**ya!!!*(*^_^*)||===aLL`Da`BesT`WisHes===||
     ** To u & ur beloved family  **


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