well lets see where to start, xmas eve was nice . got welcome into the family warmly . left pic, the blonde, nicole n me . right pic her mum tambri behind us, d giant, can u blif it! 6’2 and is only 19yrs old . if i get his name right its kyle . how the hell did this country get so big in the 1st place . d population, the endless cars on the freeway . the busy ppl walking around the streets . sometimes i want to b in a big city so much , but the largness of it all scares me sometime . it can be a scary place at times, when u feel like ur like a dust in the whole room . u got to love my new aunt tambri . shes lovely, warmth caring . u just can feel d aura coming out of her .  this entry is dedicated to her, her gigantic n friendly son n her 2 most wonderful daugthers . peace out from LA n have a merry xmas


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