well vegas was great, cant really put it in words . really an eye opener . united states is a great place . u may see it in the tvs, read it in the books, but u really have to breathe the air to have a feel of it . its my 12th day here . d endless of millions of cars on the freeway never ends . it represents how big n huge d place is, full of variations of ppl . full of dreams yet the same time full of nightmare . but its kinda scary .. sad to say, when i thought iv prepared myself fot the big city since i was small when i watched those wallstreet movies . for now its a tough transition for me . goin thru all this . with no friends . cant do the things i used to do, guess i din thought it would b this tough n hard . but its all i want .. since dunno when . guess iv given up everything n move fwd n chase after my dreams . theres no lookin back now . its gonna b a new year in 2 days . why are things like this?  ‘everything happens for a reason’ is it for real? or ppl just create it to have smth to blif in .. i wonder …


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  1. you went to vegas??!! ahhh~~!!! i love vegas πŸ˜€ not to gamble of course but i like to shop there πŸ˜€ the outlets hehee
    Don’t go near the waves..the tsunami killed 50 of my ppl : ( and left hundreds homeless…haih.. God bless penang.


  2. wazzup!! yoOh went to vegaz?! wOw!! i havent been there foe like 2 yearz… yeahh. anywayz… itz almost 2oO5!!! wishin` yoOh to have fun in CALI 2oO5!! iz LA cold? bkuz diz northside… damn itz freezin` and rainin`… yeahh anywayz. peaCe. minami


  3. in kch u were little fish in the pond, now you’re little fish in the ocean πŸ™‚ sounds like you are having a great experience there, dun feel too lonely there okie, its only a temporary thing coz u’re new there. u can keep yourself occupied experiencing all the american things :/happy new year to you!


  4. dat is exactly wot i felt when i was in melbourne… i had my expectations to high.. and when i cant meet em… i was bummed… throughout the entire year.. it was a pretty hard transition for me.. but eventually ull get the hang of it.. prolly even love it… i know ure already loving it.. make more effort to look forward and not back to your past! new thigns are awaiting for u.. uve jus gotta open up… dun worry abt friends lah… ure there for only 12 days… when u start skool.. ull hav heaps im sure! πŸ™‚ take care yo.. and hav a blessed coming 2005… :)Love, Cher…


  5. Hey dude. You’ll get over the initial settling down.
    It’s miserable. you feel home sick. you long for sun. you long for kolok mee and laksa.
    I’ve had my share of  miseries. It was bad. really bad
    But once you’re settled, man you’re gonna live life to the fullest. Trust me. It’ll be great.
    Anyhows, have always wanted to visit Vegas! Have fun mate! 


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