well got this mag from a japanese supermarket . thats taky . my number1 idol . damn his hot! well im not gay . but im metrosexual . if u dont know what that means . plz do check www.dictionary.com . well watched that movie last night ‘stuck on you’ . it was damn funny . it made me realized that humans love to think about n desire about things or objects that they dun have or cant get, but they are blinded .. always .. by not lookin in front of wat they have and appreciate wat they have till its gone . weird aint it . we all just love to take things for granted . we should have goals n targets that are realistic, sometimes we drift astray by dreaming away, who could blame us? i sometimes do breakdown here n there, thinkin abt sad thoughts n ppl .. but i guess we all have to pass thru that in order to cont living . life goes on doesnt it .. sometimes reality bites . but yet this is wat i guess they call ‘growing’ .. we all have to grow up someday …2k4 sigh a one hell of a ride .. thinkin abt d whole year n now .. im suddenly way across d globe ..


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  1. sometimes it’s quite a dilemma whether it’s better to be ‘grown up’ and face the facts of life – which is all screwed up, or to be ignorant and pretend that the world’s a beautiful place. one’s enlightening yet sad, the other just makes your days easier to get through. sometimes, i kinda wish i was stupid or retarded even..just so that i wouldn’t feel so troubled all the time.


  2. k lah k lah… still enjoying urself i suppose over there… its ok to think about those memories coz thats wad memories are for right?? as long as u keep on striving ahead and do the stuff u need to do eh… take care ya mr nippon man.. =P


  3. Helloo…..sorry lo..i never give props recently…have to understand…my computer’s not fixed yet…sorry boo~~ hehe…
    yea yea…ok…guys again…sheeezz…first guy that likes to see other guys but not gay…haha..shud i feel happy or not..i also dont know…hmmm….(”,)?


  4. humans are complex creatures.. and time does fly huh.. now u are already at the other end of the world.. and thinkin as how a grown up would!ehehehhehe… and yes… we do take ppl for granted…. and its unavoidable wan..


  5. The japanese guy is not THAT hot BUT the cowboy loo-a-like guy is like *PSTTT*. *winks* wahahaha… I’m kidding…SERIOUSLY i am! hehe..hope u are doing great there. don’t think so much lar. just enjoy while u can mar. think ahead man and not of the past. =)


  6. Hmm.. i get u when u said u admire on another good looking guys.. as i also would admire some leng lui.. tat’s not gay or lesbian or wat.. just simple adoration?? rite?? Guess wud!~ When we grow up.. we learn not to take things for granted… thouhg often we do.. God bless!!~ all de best!!~ Take care, dude.


  7. Being in a new place, far from friends and family, is hard. Try not to let it get you down. Enjoy your time here, and you will see them soon.
    And, to answer your question, yes, and thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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