within a short period of time . the course of my life change so many times . d world gets uglier as u grow older by the moment . it is d course of nature, isnt it? how d things u seemed to always have n get, slowly fade away like an old photo left sitting there on the window . how weird it seems when u find out the pureness of a person’s heart doesnt exist in this world . is there true love or is it just a storytale like peter pen? wats worst, as d pendulum swings, the potrait on the wall with happy faces seems to get uglier n turn into bones by the moment . same way we slowly grow up as the years passby n find out fairy tales dont exist in this world that we are slowly adaptin to . how we once lived in the paradise and fantasy that we thought we once were in . slowly disappear .. n turnin into a dry havoc land with tumble weeds blown by the wind . with not much sunlight left nor rainbow near . this is the world where we live in . we all have to face it one way or another . dun ever try to hide from reality . it bites …


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  1. Gez thats just the process of growin up…as long as u dun just give up and move on…u’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually…=)
    But not everythin is as ugly as it seems…especially when paths cross over each other…these are the kinda thgs that u shud look forward to and remember to keep u goin on…to know that there’s always gr8 thgs waiting to surprise u..in many ways…=)
    Hope to cross ur path again someday…*hugz*


  2. Reality is harsh. Life is.
    The reason why we are so blinded by our ideals is because we are too afraid to face reality. As we grow up, reality sinks in, and we are faced with the fact that things change, people change, we change, we eventually die.
    Our life is one big temporary fairytale. This life we live on earth, is but a mere miniscule fraction of the life beyond. It is, in fact, insignificant when compared with is in store for us.
    Life is indeed no paradise. No fantasy.
    But we must remember that they are people out there who makes our life worth living.


  3. maybe u not in holiday mode anymore, so the realisation hits that you’re gonna be there for a while, it’ll take time to get used to it all… btw i seen the movie rudy, it was on astro, not bad leh coz i watched the whole thing ๐Ÿ™‚ it got one of the hobbits from lord of the rings hehe


  4. marv..i’d describe fantasies and realities as going on a see-saw. one brings you up and the other brings you down. the world isn’t perfect, neither are we, that’s why we, along with the entire human population, tend to screw things up for ourselves and each other. sometimes we just gotta screw our eyes up and see things from a different perspective, one that tells us that there’s deeper meaning to life than all the trivial things we worry about. in the world of screwed-up eyes, maybe fairy tales do exist after all.
    although the storm seems like it’s never gonna end, we have to believe there’s sunshine after the rain.


  5. a side note. reality bites – that movie rocks.
    the way you write reminds me of a very special person. moodily poetic. hugs. life’s not that bad. it’s too short. cheer up =)


  6. continue your journey with faith in your heart. when there’s faith, there might be miracle. life isn’t ALWAYS so bad though. every bad side of a thing has a good side of it too. growing up is a process no one can escape, but during the process, we too gain a lot and learn to look at the world diferently. =) we’ll always see the light or the rainbow after all the hardships we’ve been through.
    -faith is a substance hope for and not seen-
    God bless!! Take k!!


  7. i agree that we shouldn’t hide from reality. Hiding from it is like lying to ourselves, which is bad. Life does has its own beauty too, depends on how you see it.The things you used to want, have or get…they fade away as time goes by because life changes and our demands change too. That’s just the normal process of growing up. The reality bites do make us grow wiser, don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. oh no! i’m so sorry. i tried to send you a message that day, but xanga was having problems. i forgot to come back!
    anyway, i think my msn is rahincali1. i had to change it because i forgot the sign-in.
    sounds like things are kind of rough in l.a. for you. you’ll be fine, i promise. hang in there!


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