how weird it is . memories are for keepers . and every path or decision u choose n made will make u wat u are or where u are today . kinda scary at times . u wouldnt know where ull be n wat ull be in d future . and d decision that u make right now will effect u whether u like it or not in the future . we all cant predict the future n only thing we can do is to live life to the fullest n be hopeful . we wont know if we will b on this earth tml . do not envy other ppl . live ur own life . this is ur life, and today is all u got now, dun close ur eyes, this is ur life, are u who u want to be?


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  1. Our choices  or decisions we make today, no matter how insignificant it may seem initially, will definitely have an impact on the life ahead of us. That’s why we have to be cautious, we have to be wise in making the right judgment. the Q is.. what is teh right judgment? The decision u make when u’re 18 may be deemed as the perfect option, but at the age of 20 when u look back on what u did, u may just as well wish u could turn back time…. =)
    First instinct is often ur best bet, it’s what ur heart wants to do most… but we r usually veli insecure, we doubt too frequently, thus we start making comparison, and weigh the options laid before us…and we end up taking the option that we think can generate the most ‘returns’ … as opposed to what we really wanna do…
    ChiLLL…and enjoy while u can……. life is pointless if we’re not happy… aye aye?


  2. i once read a quote to the effect of (totally paraphrasing here) ” there are no mistakes in my life. every thing that happened, happened because of an inner need” – i think it’s by hannah sanesh. i also think that feelings of envy and jealousy only arise when you see someone whose life you wish you had – inadvertedly meaning that these are the things you’d want for yourself and should strive for ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Many a time what/ where you are depends on your former actions, and many a time we regret some of them as the consequences are undesirable. this does not mean however that you lose all spontaneity and tip toe through life. 
    Here’s a quote for you – “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely, aware.”
    I think many times we try to be ourselves but it’s hard because the asian society is based on collectivism – on how we look as a whole. we are thus told and deceived by the so called image of ‘perfection’, and try to conform ourselves to others’ standards – which is impossible.
    it is well said tht we should be what we want to be, and not someone elses’ idea of what we should be. you’ve only got this life to live, live it well.


  4. seems like you’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately….i guess you tend to think a lot when you’ve already left home. you see loads of people with achievements, and living life to the fullest. yes, we all should live life to the fullest.
    and erm..nope, i don’t think i’ve seen you anywhere. maybe i just look familiar to you.


  5. im exactly where i want to be…although life has taken me through many obstacles just to get me where i am and who i am today…this IS me…this IS mai life…and thats how imma live it…nice entry jitpunkia… =)


  6. yes indeed memories are always stuck with us sum were good sum were mad evil but love dat movie and yess before pmssing 0r bobbies get sore =T


  7. ::: hey wazzup!? howz life been treatin` yoOh lately? but um… i use to be diz one girl who juz was not myself… but now i am. i changed bkuz of maii friendz = ] yup! but anywayz. i didnt noe u liked takuya kimura!! i dont like him… haha. wana noe why? bkuz i met him in Japan… well he own diz shop and dat shop is close to my uncle’z house… itz like next to it.. but den i said [hi! how are you?] and dat motherfukker ignored me… instead his wife Shizuka was all smilin` and stuff… i dont like both of dem… i dont noe dey hella disrespectful… he thinkz hez all dat perfect and tyte, but he iznt. he has pretty cute face but i juz dont like his personality. hez everybodiiz idol tho. = ] aiite den im gone! peaCe!


  8. I said this many times b4: everyday is a gift.
    This life on earth is but a temporary one. The future has been written by the hands of God. Each day is to be treasured because there is no telling when it will be taken away.
    ryc: i lurrrrve the clip as well!! I’ve got more of that lol. Will prolly put it up sometime. Kim has lots too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. 13 Going on 30 is a really nice movie, very meaningful too :)Does part of the insights you get was influenced by the movie??? hehehehe just kidding. I think movies always teach us something :)Have a good weekend ahead~!


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