wat a saturday nite it was . well felt like writing an entry when i got lost on the freeway n stop by at a petrol station n ask my way home . well was happy ppl were very helpful n friendly even it was 12.30 midnite . then on the way back, as always felt like as if im flying esp when driving thru downtown with those tall buildings . it reminds me of life . sometimes we get lost along d way . wondering where or wat we are suppose to do . all we have to do is stay tough n push a lil harder n we will find ourselves back on track . suprising of all . i dun feel dat lonely anymore evendoh valentines day is just a few days away . i dun feel like i need a hug or holding hands . right now . im drifting with the flow n searching for my own path . hopefully i can find it in LA .. city of angels


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  1. Haha..lost…but then,getting yourself lost is the best way to discover a place..^^ Can also be applied to life wad.Not u only k.We need to make mistakes to be better…provided that we have the will to learn from it.
    I’m feelin a lil floatin here..in the state of both dreamy & facing reality.Need to grab hold of something to pull me down and focus now…hrmmm…
    Btw..Happy Valentine’s Day to ya boo…~


  2. hey.. been awhile since i dropped by your page.. props to you for making such a big move.  LA is def the place to be.  lots of luck to you in so cal.  i hope you find what you’re looking for.  take care.


  3. it’s kinda scary to get lost late at night but it’d make you stronger and less afraid in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily there are good people there to show you the way. Have a good weekend, Marv! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I don’t feel lonely on valentine’s day too =D we don’t really need someone now, do we? let’s just enjoy life and just go with the flow…. =P take good care of yaself man….


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