clubbing for the 1st time since i arrived in LA, its been almost 3mths since i dance for d last time . but no matter wat . i still enjoy it . guess im still pimpin all d way from back home to LA . 3 girls 1 guy , wat more can u ask for? well if u dun enjoy life right now . wait till ur 40, married n start goin to clubs n drink n check out girls? life is short, better life it to d fullest . along d journey we will meet ppl dat we ourselves are not sure whether are they just brushing by like a cold windy breeze dat is just there for a short period of time, or are they with u all d way . everyone has their own path to take, where n wat are we right now at this moment, is d cause n effect of d choices wev made so far in our lives . sometimes ppl’s path do cross in life, i wonder why is the reason we certain ppl in our lives, are they just brushing thru or crossing n goin together on this journey till d end? life is kinda complicated at times . sometimes i wonder where am i heading in my life , wonder why are all d other ppl around my age are doing better then me? why are they better off then me? why do they have the things they want compare to me? why do they even look better then me? i guess we will know the answer at d end of d road .. mayb we wont .. who knows


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  1. there’s always someone who is better off than us, and always someone who is worst off as well. i think one thing we’ve got to learn sometimes is to quit comparing, and just do what we do because we want to do it.
    but, keep in mind that if you want to move forward, always look to the ones ahead of you, and when you feel discontented, look at the ones behind you. and life will then never be too much nor too little.


  2. haha finally u have fun! =D you should be happy with yourself, but work hard in whatever you do. everyone has their own little ‘perfect’ thing about themselves. you’ve just gotta work yours out! =)


  3. hav u been eating a lot?u look kinda chubby ler….ehehehe….btw,i still miss dancing wif ya …Nasi Lemak Dangdut miss ya ler…ehehehehe


  4. One thing good about L.A. is when you are in the 40ish, there are bars/clubs targeted for that age group, with sleezv, divorced women or ladies looking for one night stand….can’t find those in Kuching (may be Victoria Arm?)


  5. Everytime I visit this or Ah Yang’s xanga, I think to myself… “MAN! When’s the last time one of these people doesn’t write about LIFE?!?!”Heh. Regardless, I’m sure many will agree with me that your thoughts on “life” are so true and so valid. πŸ™‚


  6. ai hun lah u…no such thing as prop begging one lah….ish!!!but anyhooooow… we are all creatures blinded with greed..because human just can’t be satisfied, no matter how much we have, we’ll alwiz crave for more..then we work our asses off and try to strive for the better..its a never-ending process….I’m not too sure whether that’s bad, to me, it’s because of this greed that prevent us from being stagnant in life. it’s a powerful force to push us forward and forces us to learn more, work harder and thus gaining invaluable experience along the way..even if we’ve failed, we still learn sth out of the failure rite? eg: ” i’ve made a mistake, aimed at a goal that’s is impossible for me to reach..” so..” i’ll aim at the lower goals next time ard.. *evil grin*But when u’re tired..i mean real tired to the extend that u feel useless and think life is not worth living. then STOP…and look at the road ahead of u..maybe it’s not the best path to take.. it’s okay to start all over, try another path..maybe u’ll find rainbow at the end of another tunnel…change the environment, change ur job, ur companion yada yada yada..etc etc..Chill lah dude.. things will fall into place for u eventually.. and i hope i’m not one of the passerby in ur life ..thou i have no blardy idea how we ended up as frens in teh first place…heheps: Happy boi…prop liao *roll eyes*


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