another day in paradise, my sanctuary, my battleground, my new home , the top ten spots in the world for streetball , ladies n gentlemen i bring to u , Venice Beach!some regulars called me up today . said they were goin to d beach . later, i found out d sun was in my face d sounds of waves against d rocks. shooting perfect Js n breakin ankles with my crossover, runnin with wonderfull peepz on d court . aint no azn rocking the courts on Venice Beach baby! im d only azn rocking d show there . thx again to sabrina the witch who did some magic tricks on me . countless thx to her . *huGz* thank you for sending me this song n being there for me n givin words of encouragement n makin me smile day in n day out . this song is really pushing my hopes high . ‘if i had do it all again, i wouldnt take away d rain, cz i know it make me who i am’ . i felt myself growing abit in the past few mths . growing stonger within . slowly . it is tough . but when d going gets tough, the tough gets going . i learn how not to blame myself for the things that happens around me . we only live once, think abt it . how short is that . and why would anyone waste dat time being sad or unhappy? its like u only got 48/40 mins in a game . and its game time baby! u dun think much but just got to run d show with all ur heart . who cares if u miss shots . u just got to run ur best . run d fullest ..its how short life is .. just as short as a ball game ..shout out to my man steven for givin me some light abt enjoying life .. enjoying the ride . finding paradise . paradise is indeed a state of mind .. (esp when i do a backdoor spin, catch d pass mid air, hang n do a mid air alleyoop lay up, n leave em behind with my crossover)

w00t!! a great day it is to b alive


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  1. yea.. basketball is another way to have fun and to release stress too! wat a great game to play..anyway, great to hear that u r feelin happy and all… keep it up! enjoy and live life to the fullest!


  2. Glad to know that you’re looking at things at a more optimistic perspective…Whatever happens in life will make you stronger… That’s always how it is… It teaches you… Keep it up… ^_^


  3. yo uh uh check it out! Hahaha! Nice seeing you enjoy there! Hope you will be back to Kuching and visit your friends there 🙂 I’ll be going over to visit you guys ^^


  4. Wow! I didn’t know i got a shout out from the famous Jitpunkia!!! Haha.. Yeah man!  That’s more like it, breath hard  its ever great to be alive! Next time, I’ll show you some of my own killer-spin-move, woohoh..!!


  5. i am near norcal around SF area..sry i only have aim..hehe maybe we can party together sometime! bye! PS oh yea ur a cutie too hehe ^_^


  6. Venice Beach is awesome! I’m in Nor Cal in Sacramento, but I often am around there to visit my sister who lives in Sherman Oaks


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