not including star wars iii and my fav character anakin skywalker . its been ages since iv watch such a good movie . ‘a movie that can change the world’ . hotel rwanda is a must watch, based on a true story  of genocide and also one extraodinary man with a great heart named Paul Rusesabagina  n how he sheltered more than 1200 n his family in a hotel in Kigali Africa . insipring n touching . it reminds us how lucky and bless we are to live everyday without war n how we have food on our dinner table everynight . it shows how humans sometimes can b so evil? why is there prejudice? d worst part of all . they had the same skin color n was born n raised in the same place, yet divided to two groups . after all we are all d same . we are made from flesh n blood . why is there war? over a million ppl were killed in that war in Kigali . we need a kick in d butt at times . n we need it often to remind me us to appreciate wat we have, d things n ppl around us n how loved we are . n not to think abt d things that we dun have . live everyday like its ur last . live for d moment ..


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  1. whoa i gotta definitely go rent this one, sounds like a very touching and sad story..i guess a must see..ok ttyl gotta go shuffle lolz bye!


  2. hey i just watched this movie last weekend on dvd. very good movie… had to try keep myself from crying :/ surprised myself, why so girl one hehe. it’s definitely a true story too, the hotel etc weren’t made up


  3. Marvin introduced one sure is a good movie! Hotel Rwanda? Sad and touching story? Hmm… Maybe I should try it too? I don’t feel like crying -.-”  now! LoL


  4. ^________^ how’s everything???? i”M GRADUATING soon! ahh so happie!  PCC started already…T_T so much to do..
    hmm in class i remember watching a movie that said that everyone is actually related to one another..because we came from the same descendants..anways dat was random! ttul!


  5. Why is there war?I believe the 7 sins stated on ur friendster profile roughly explains it.These things are unavoidable,even to us who arent involved in war,as sometimes we ourselves couldnt help to be a lil prejudice and racist to the people around us.Guess one of the things we need to do is to understand more about other people..take the image of the consequences of their mistakes to be a reminder for us to be a better person.
    Sorry for not stayin in touch as much for the last few weeks..but still,i do hope things will continue to go well for u.Remember what we talked about ya..the comparison of u now and then..^^ Remember to take k of urself ya!


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