heaven sometimes is used frequently to describe a certain situation, but heaven is not enough to describe wat i gone thru these past few days . full throttle , have been partying for 4days straight, very lil sleep, alot of alchohol, lots of malboros . friday night, have already start drinking till 5.30am barely crawl to the bed . saturday morning, breakfast n lunch together,shopping at old town pasadena, getting hype up for the rave . outdoor rave, 25k ppl, paul van dyke, dancing, drinkin 7hrs non stop trance . words can barely described how i felt when i was walkin thru the tunnel to the location where they held d party . it was like walkin towards d tunnel of light, u can feel d energy flowing thru u . d music going on as loud as u never thought it would be . d green lazers shoots thru more than 100yards till d back, where u can see it dancing thru d nite . djs after djs, fireworks passed, finally the man himself came out to d stage , thousands n thousands of ppl chainting ‘PVD, PVD’ , and the moment he started , d fireworks shoots up in the sky with ppl fully energize as if it was d last day on earth , we were dancing from 8 till it was finally over at 3am . came back to a friend’s place drank n continue the afterparty till 6am, woke up at 11am went to Long Beach simply took a train to the pier, lay down on d grasss, enjoyed lookin at ppl , cruisin on the scion , ‘in n out’ burgers .then came back at midnite, had a super drinking session with 10+ ppl . till i dunno wat time, d last thing i remembered was ppl pulling me to d bedroom , all was wasted, the girls, the guys . it was like we were having a mini rave of our own . i havent had this much alcohol in such a short period , since i dunno when .. seriously ‘heaven’ or ‘nirvana’ aint enought to described wat iv been thru these couple of days . down to earth ppl dat knows how to have fun , super rave party . blast d whole weekend away with total adrenaline rush , ppl at d rave said i had cool moves , some even took pictures of my shoe , asking me if im doing the ‘melbourne shuffle’, getting recognition after all my effort .. iv tottally drained myself out . theres no emergency fuel left in me … never felt before energy in my blood …nothing can b compared . like sand in d wind . its gonna b gone after a period . nothing can ever stand still . like this weekend that has just passed . omg . words merely can explain wat i gone thru . but 1 thing is for sure . every second of it , i din take it for granted . i cherish every moment, every laughter, every smile .. truly .. living in the moment

shout out to my homegirls n homeboys shirlene, steven, eric was with me the whole strecth not missing out one bit


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  1. Oh, finally you are having fun over there, keep it up, things are doing good here, so all the best buddy ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Shout out to Mr. Jitpunkia, for getting us all the Heaven-like Rave party tickets.
    A crew of our own is in the making… begining is the hardest part, its downhill from there, the gangs is just going to grow bigger and bigger, more down-to-earth, cool, fun-loving friends gonna  showed up in Apt 70… then its home away from home. so Rock On, ma nigga!


  3. New hair style… OMG… kinda weird!
    Have a nice weekend.  Enjoy your weekend, k.  Be well.  Be blessed.  Take care.


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