flight schedule back to kch postpone . sorry peepz . i was expecting life to pick up when skool starts . but when im at my lowest, things just picked up way sooner than iv expect . iv been having so much fun this past 3 weeks . till i had no time to get online . i got a life! finally . i got super down to earth ppl to hang out with, to have dinner, to share laughters n smiles , making memories with . i still remember wat iv gone thru n those tears n pain iv been thru , finally d guy above (god) decided to throw me these wonderful ppl all at once . suddenly a crew was born out of dust . i havent been home for 5days . sleepin over at a friend’s place . spending zero time alone . zero time for getting online too .this is wat i call life . after so many mths of feeling up n down .. finally its shooting in d stars rite now . and after all that bitterness . i can totally feel n taste d sweetness . peace out ya’ll


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  1. Waaaaaaaa…… I’m really glad that you are so happy with your life now and having a group friends to hang out with! Well, me too! About Kuching even myself also thinking of postpone! Since the friends there are so busy and I can’t even really contact with them recently. or talk to them nicely…


  2. yo dude!~ Wow wow… finally u find your life there, that’s great lah ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up and make sure the rapport things!! But dun rapport too much with your friend’s dogs or cats lah.. i know they are somehow attractive and bigger size compared to kch, but still.. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe… alrite, cut those crap, Enjoy your life while you can and All the best, if you start schooling do let me know ya ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. that’s really great! happy for u.. sighh.. but then again.. i miss chatting with u on msn… ehhh.. spending a lil time online isnt that bad rite.. COME ONLINE! COME ONLINE! lol..


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