dear god,

i finally come to fully understand wat are d things u try to let me see n feel . without bitterness, ull feel no sweetness, without sadness, there wont b meaning for happiness . for the past 6 mths . it was pretty a bumpy road . mood swings, sadness, home sick .. then at d point where im just abt to give up . even calling to check n was abt to take d next flight home , suddenly a few days later . everything went 180 degress and head for a new direction . during the 5days road trip . it was a new exp for me . had lot of time to think abt things dat has happened to me n things dat are happening for me . officially i can call the city of angels my ‘home’ . during the d road trip, i couldnt bliv it but i was missing d ppl in LA . each and everyone of em . sometimes u just have to taste some salt in order for u to know how sweet is d sugar . while on d road trip, no words can express how is it like to see d ray of sunlights shooting out from the horizon by d waves , d stars in d sky so clear at d same time . with d sea breeze gushing by u . n music playing while u drive along d coast , i really can see it all so clear all of a sudden, yet im wondering how did it all fall into place? why did a door of light suddenly show up when im abt to give up everything ..

last but not least, i din expect myself hugging n growing close to someone, d worst part is missing her . she has d other bear ..


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  1. Aww..that sounds GREAT Marv…it’s marvellous…heheI’m glad everything is coming together for you…even the new sparks of something special.I feel much better since the last time I chatted to you….am in the ” i CAN do THIS” mode at the moment. =)Wish me lucky!!


  2. YOUR SO TAN AND THE ROES ๐Ÿ™‚ hott.

    I’m soooo glad everything is changing for you hunny.  I remember you telling me about how you were depressed/sad.  I’m SOOOOOOOOOO happy ๐Ÿ™‚  I told you things would change eventually!  Anyways just stopping by 

    <3you!  Ashley


  3. Cool! You must be satisfied now! There aren’t many people can live so happily like you. So cherish your group of good friendship there and appreciate what they had done for you. Don’t ever neglect anyone else there who is always there for you. ^^


  4. Hey Vin,
    I think what you said is very inspiring to me. You’re right, we can only appreciate happiness if we’ve gone through sadness before. I’ll keep this in mind, and at the same time, I’m glad you have this newfound joy in your life now.. ^_^
    Take care,Maria


  5. hey.. remember.. NEVER GIVE UP!
    i’m glad that everything fall in place now.. but then again.. if u ever face any obstacle or depression again.. be calm and treat it as a challenge for u in life in order to success.. rite?
    Take care ya buddy..hugs*


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