dreams to come true in life . im living it right now . i guess like i said in my previous entry, sometimes u have to taste d bitterness to really feel d sweetness later on . above , are one of my 2 apprentice ravers . 2 hot chics . shout out to shirlene n caterine . below to d left are my homies . and to the right, ladies n gentleman i present to u . the man himself . d #1 dj in the world Dj Tiesto . Tiesto In Concert is one of the rave parties, dat i dare not imagine i would b there . it was like some dream like flying to d moon , but then again my friends who were there with me all nite long played a big part in the rave too . without em , tiesto would b meaningless .. truly . the music , d hype, d energy , d company that u go with . in the end , it all comes down to friends . without em . even goin to one of d best raves in the world preform by Tiesto himself would mean nothing . I had so few beers, didnt pop any E . and yet i managed to get to d peak where i was floating with the rythme . seeing those were close to my were at bay having fun . with d music playing . mere words are unable to describe the feeling .. this will go down in the books . truly a magnificent night that is unforgettable for d rest of my life , unless … another night can beat this one . that is Tiesto in Vegas for new year’s eve couple mths from now … godspeed to everyone out there .. llife just bring so many wonders , n things always work out somehow or another , esp when it seems that all hope is lost, theres always light ..

shout out to my homeboys n girls for makin this weekend , as usual a truly magnificent one , steven!shirlene!caterine!evonne!hock lin! and many many more

d closest word i can describe d weekend is .. multiple orgazm . mentally


12 thoughts on “”

  1. ooh ! dang` funn __ rave parties .. but too bad my home state doesnt have one __ you seems have madd fun =]
    and i love dj tiesto ..and trance musics .
    whr did it held ?
    __ random


  2. hey sry i didnt get back to you sooner…but yea LOVE PARADE SF is gona be on Sept. 24th…so come up north and party with us!!


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