life happens , when ppl are bz making plans . life d thing without a formula , without a conclusion or any prediction . d ppl u meet . d ppl whose left ur life . u never can predict . whether ur gonna die or live tml . u never know whether ur gonna b happy or crying ur heart out tml . trains , lines . however u see it . theres no proper definition or solution for it . i guess enjoying d ride is d best way . to enjoy d ride along d way . sometimes its bumpy . sometimes its smooth . sometimes it makes u happy . sometimes it makes u sad . i know im not in denial .when i say this is d maximum point for my life rite now . for d ppl i meet , they are getting more n more special along d way , d things i know , d way i see things is getting better n better along d way . this weekend has been the most mellow-est (is there such a word?) weekend ever . things has been slow . i didnt expect to see anybody at all, was feeling abit lost . expect to see d whole LA black,grey n white this weekend . then from out of nowhere . somebody showed up n painted it with colors all over . from friday nite till sunday . i didnt count d laughters n smile i had , but in my heart i know its quite a number . thx to dat person , this weekend is in the top 5 LA weekends for me . d most outstanding part is where u expect nothing at all . n all of a sudden, everything turns bright n colorful ..

maggie is bad for health , no vitamins or no nutriens as they say , fast to cook n get hungry easily . iv chose not to eat maggie from now on .

thx for d wonderful weekend , evendoh u scolded me so many times not to say thank u n tell u i appreciate it ..u asked me over n over again not to say thank you , but life is so unpredictable . u cant count on mental powers to know wat d other psn is thinkin or feeling , u just told me dat this afternoon , and for being myself . i cant keep things in my heart . life is short , n we have to live for d moment , n we have to let d other person know how much we appreciate them ..

live for d moment … always


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  1. hey is alot like love good????? i wanan watch it! maybe i should go rent it! juss 5 more days me going to SD..i’m so excited! lol..yet..scared..anways…sounds like u had an awesome weekend..~ ^___^  add oil in everything..and live for d moment is good^^ hahahaha… =)  never expect too much..cuz its juss gonn be a big dissappointment sumtimes..=(  anways.. DUDE I KNOW MAGGI is not good for health! but try their SOUP! its yummie..okay i’m juss advertising for them cuz i sorta work for them part time at those expos thingy SOMETIMES>.but overall is BAD FOR HEALTH! but the soup has NO MSG! =)  cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  2. LA will never turn to either black, white or grey. cuz you could see sunrise and sunset everyday, everywhere. It could be cloudy sometimes, it could be dim sometimes, but, it never fade all the colors away from your eyes. unless you deny and choose to close up your eyes. in fact, you can feel the brightness if you choose to close up your eyes  if your heart filled with love. i dunno how ppl define love, as for me, i mean everything. everything including happiness, laugh, caring and it could be applied to all kind of relationship. you can feel the sunshine, you can smell the sea, you can hear the laughs……all of these are not black and white. let your heart open, everything will turn up fine!


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