3 wonderful mellow weekends . actually im speechless . i dunno how it happened . but things really are lookin great for me . school .. money .. all on it’s way  … then again, i have a good friend .. whose been with me for years n years .. his by myside everyday n night . even when i sleep . his name is ‘pride’ . and his partner who tags along has a name dat goes by ‘greed’ . they go hand in hand n work so well together . he always wants more . and when he gets wat he want .. that wont b enuff . n he would b dying for more . but in a good way . it helps me to pursue for d best . it helps pushes me forward . instead of just settling for d average . but this time .. pride n greed . .im really trying to tame them hard for this situation . cz i finally found a worthy opponent to challenge me in this war . she kinda hit d ‘right’ spot . dat is my mentality and not my loneliness . and im trying hard this time to tame them . for greed n pride to not go too wild . trying to tell myself .. not to expect anything more … i was tellin my friend hock lin … a few mths ago .. i was lookin for ‘something’ , and how ironic .. when that ‘something’ is smack in my face . im scared . im nervous . im scared that its now in my face .. my ability wont be enough to grab hold of it . not enough to have it here long enough … i wonder wats d next few entries of my blog .. mayb a couple mths from now .. i wonder …

may the force be with me


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  1. Don’t worry my man.. its normal to be scared, if we play safe all our life.. it would be nothing more than a black and white movie. worst comes to worst.. the boys are here, ready to drink like there is no tomorrow with you. ” war comes and go, my soldiers stay eternal. ” ~ Tupac.  


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