todays date . is a date to rememeber . i am officially off the market . and to think i wouldnt find somone special . a new chapter in my book . a new beginning for my life . this is the summary for my 1st summer in the states . 1stly . i found true down to earth loveable friends , 2ndly i got a job that manage to feed myself . 3rdly . visa approve n school started after waitin for so many mths . and to have this 3 things . i was being abt more greedy n was hoping for an angel to drop b4 me . and i guess god has plan it this way since d beginnin to let me see  n taste d bitterness b4 letting me feeling all d sweetness this world still has . it made me fully appreciate n cherish wat i have rite now in front of me . 4 wonderful weekends . being able to be someone i enjoy d most being with . 2 similiar personalities . 2 similiar mentality … butterflies in my stomache . laying on d bed talkin d whole nite . till d sun came up . we couldnt see d sunrise cz of d blinds but . we were able to feel a new day has arrive .. lines have crossed …

sometimes . special things happens without ur prediction . u just never see it coming . i guess thats d true beauty of life always appear out of nowhere ..

we’r just ordinary ppl . mayb we should take it slow .. /me smirks

huGz n muaKz


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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… u aRE happy!!!! wow.. and she’s really pretty!now i know.. the gal u talk about on msn the other day is her isnt she? sorry.. was away most of the time, but when i manage to see ur msg, u were away or offline already! aiksssanyway, stay happy yaa! and yes, cherish every moment u have with her and everyone! and im so glad that everything has been fallin into the right place now :)HUGSSSS


  2. Life is unpredictable all de time. nobody knows wat u gonna gain or lost at the next second. u might b crying badly at this turn, u could b laughing loudly at the next moment. nothing much to worry about all those uncertainties in the future. cherish the happiness that u r having. close ur eyes, use ur heart to feel the warmness on your hand. u’ll see how wonderful the world is. huGz


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