as the formula has been stated, when theres rain, rainbows are bound to show up . n i guess mine did . a month ago . iv been so bz with my life . i cant find much time to get online or even blog . n i love it . friday nite we went to an asian lounge with couple of my fwends n my girl , there tons of chics to check out n we had a mellow drinkin fri nite . d next day , i had my 1st vizit to universal studios hollywood with my baby , we had tons of fun n the special effects were breathtaking n d weather was cool n windy . billie (paris hilton of kch) had her bday dinner at some buffet later dat evening . rowland heights was d next venue of dat nite , tons of stickers . this is one of em . my fav ..

tons of adventures n stories to write in d near future ..

this is one of em .. muaKz huGz

this coming saturday . monster massive . halloween rave .. w00t


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  1. Hey. not much happening in Rowland height, well, there’s this Secret Recipe restraurant serving Malaysian and Indonesian food, but don’t go for their Malaysian menu. Thier Indonesian food is great, makes you miss home. Banana boat in the same strip mall is a hang out for your age group. Life plaza is pretty cool hangout too, has a Asian bar and gangster hangout.


  2. i know you were having hard time to deal with my mood swing in this couple days. but, everything gonna be fine soon. i promise. thank you for showing your patience and being nice to me all these while. i know how sad you are everytime my emotional hurt your feeling unintentionally. it’s just another transition period for me. please bare with me a lil bit more, i’m sure it will be over soon. sorry wif luv~~


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