philosophy . d love of wisdom . wat is wisdom . when emotions n memories collaborate? aint it just creates contradictions? why is there memories? why are there emotions? and yet we claim to have knowledge n wisdom? are we rational? memories cannot b thrown away at will . and yet they sometime haunts us . does it really push us fwd to b stronger? does it really makes us wiser? does it really help us appreciate things? so many questions , yet so lil answers .

more than 5yrs ago . a very very good friend of mine by the name of ronnie sng passed away june 2000 . he never got the chance to live his dreams or to even chase after em . life is so short . just close ur eyes . n everything is gone .  but still sometimes . i tend to forget n its a bad habit of mine of forgettin how precious life is . n how lil chance n time we have . but then sometimes we get lost . its like we’r trap in this big energy wave . n we let it bring us around . instead of wat we should b doing . that is standing on our 2 feet n think wat do we really want in life . but when we do ask that question . ..its one of d hardest question for me to answer .. theres no formula or correct answer to it . but yet we have to find d ultimate answer . d answer to our own hearts . i guess we have to look deep inside for that .

well . wats been happenin recently . d monster massive was a blast .. had tons n tons of ppl dress up in weird shit . by 2am . i was already tired . was i tired of shuffling? or was i tired of raving? i was questionin myself . have i had enuff or raving? or is it cz i din pop? stuff myself with alcohol?

but last nite . it was great . down at west hollywood . mayb 15mins drive . without traffic from my house . had a blast .. tons of ppl .. 200k ppl on d streets partying with ryan seacrest . kiis fm . 102.7 . ppl dancing . guys, girls, watever , walking around . dress in d most outrageous costumes iv ever seen in my life .. we got out of there around 1am .  superb experience ..

my 1st halloween in the city of angels ..


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  1. hello~~ sounds like alot of fun^___^ opps i forgot to say happie halloween…wow..can u believe it? its november..meaning its gonna be december soon^___^ hehe..if i am correct i dink i started talking to u around this time rite? heheheh^^ anways..hope ur having a superb time..and hope everything goes well for u ~~~ good luck wif everything.. and take carez =))))))))))


  2. “memories cannot b thrown away at will.”……it’s true, only when you try so hard to forget it.
    we’ve been nurtured to memorize everything that we supposed to know, understand and remember for life perspective , for flying results, for behavior developments and etc since we were too young to understand the world. when the ppl around us programmed “common sense” and inserting their point of views for life according to their experiences, we are no more simple and plain. we’ve started to hate, love, judge, calculate…..until we have too much pain but too little strength to carry forward, when we have too much sorrow but too little tears to cry; we tend to run away, we tend to leave all these behind, we tend to erase them. yet, we always forget the more effort we put in to forget, the more difficult to let it be bygone.


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