yesterday . is it a day away from today or is it ages away from today . while i was driving d chevy malibu yesterday . i tot of my baby .. d one dat came into my life abt 3yrs ago . i still remember d 1st day when i came home n i saw her , i remember how my heart pounded lookin at her sitting inside the garage with her back facing me..  n eventually i had the chance to dress her up over d years . with 16” rims n low springs n mufflers n tinted windows, cd player n some sony sound system . it wasnt the fastest car in the world or the prettiest car on the street but .. it was my car  , shev been with me over d rainy n sunny days , the ups and downs . while bringing it to d car wash n driving it to play ball . she was my pride , she was part of me . her name was qkr6631 . kinda miss her and also that silly little city  named  .. kuching .. i used to curse n say how much i hate it . over the years i was trying to get out of that little city on borneo island . n yet now . come to realize it . there was no other place in d world similiar to it . the ppl i know . the ppl i hang out with . d food i ate . my grannys n my cousins n those familiar faces walkin around town . n those dumb ppl who try to b diffrent  ..  miss d silly times . d cs period which made me flunk my engineering course . n cause lots of trouble n waste lots of money . yet all those exp from the past . all those scars and burn marks made me who i am today . n brought me where i am standing right now .

i guess we all cant have everything . can we . thats d beauty of it . if we can have everything . it wouldnt b bring any meaning . or value to the things we possess . but then again sometimes . when we cant have d things dat we want, we try to comfort ourselves by saying . ‘mayb its just not meant to be’ . but is that an excuse or is it really true? do things really happen for a reason? n yet i cant find the reasons for most of the things happening to me ..

/-/ predictablity /-/


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  1. if we can have everything in our life….what’s the purpose of living? that’s the beauty of life. everybody have to go through this process carrying different dreams in their backpack to their destiny, you will loose something when you gain some in the other hand. this is the rule of the game. from here, we learned to sacrify, appreciate and satisfy. 


  2. 1st comment for u here. yea, KUCHING!!! always my hometown!!! miss her so much too. life is like travelling. unpredictable destiny ahead. live d life to d MAX in every moment!


  3. Oi friend… you are given a chance to live there.. better appreciate it arrr dude! And live your lie to the fullest!! Study HARDD!!!!!! and smart!!!!! ok?? I wanna see you graduate with a degree ๐Ÿ˜›  hehe.. Cheers!


  4. Those are really interesting questions that you have raised. I guess, it really depends on your outlook on life. The underlying thing is that life is too short for you to worry about so many things and decipher the meaning behind events that have already taken place. It is always better to look on the positive side. Yes, thinking that everything happens for a reason may seem like a comforting thought. If it makes you feel better about the situation, so be it. The main thing is not to get too hung up with the moment and move on with life. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. OMG THE CAR! used to be very damn messy at the back of the car, the cds, papers, tissues and shoes! I still remember once ur dad cleaned it for ya, and the next day…back as usual haha! I havent seen your car since u left, who’s driving it now btw ?


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