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first of all . a shout out to my dear mum for always being there to support me, for bringing me to life on this green planet , to enable me to see such beautiful things . , thx stevo for always being there to ‘mai ci’ everything so smoothly and always making me see d brighter side of things, a special to thx to our san francisco tour guide eric for letting us stay in his room n eat his maggie mee and bringing us around san francisco in his scion . thx paris hilton of kch for buying me d bday cake n letting my rap skillz out at d karaoke . thx to aiko for the yakitori dinner ..and last but not least, to my dear baby girl who has been there for me for d past 2 mths n 4 days thru tears n laughters and so many great exp n moments she gave me and d list goes on n on …

d last couple of weeks has been a bumpy emotional roller coaster for me . esp things not goin so smooth with my step dad that-i-have-to-so-very-rely-on . that i wish i dont have to rely on him . but then again .. after a moment away from reality d last couple of days . walkin around san francisco . really took my mind off some stuff n i was able to relax fully with my girl . in the cold windy weather (good 4 hugz) . we stayed in san fran for a couple of days . vizitin various areas of town . even the gay capital of d world . thats rite . thats d gay flag of san fran . my butt was taken advantage of  in the first very few mins i set foot on castro . the gay area of san fran . ppl were smiling . they were happy . they were gay . in d bars . there were only like 12 – 15 girls . to a ratio of swarmin gay men . like around 100 or so . they were french kissing . grinding . holding hands . hugging . d anthem for those ppl .. kelly clarkson – since u been gone (remix) they were singing to it . like there was no tommorow . each n everyone of em know the song by heart . omg . u name it . but it was an exp for sure  …

last week . was my bday . 22yrs old .. getting older . but am i gettin stronger? i guess thru exp day by day n d things i see .. i do get older n smarter . i guess . or am i denying facts? well abt a year ago . i was sitting at home with my msn . tear rolling down my cheeks . wondering why d hell ppl celebrate bdays for? but my 1st bday in california is a blast with 3 bday cakes in 3 days . with presents from my special peepz . n love ones . i love the tmac 5 . dear . i know it took effort .. thx for those ppl who sent me sms thru fons n msn . thx to my dear dad back in kch for remembering . i was really touched . made me miss home .. till my eyes were watery .

and for d last thing that came to mind today . breathing californian air . became reality . watchin kobe bustin his moves n dunkin in staples center . sitting on a cable car up the hills of san francisco was just a tv show 10yrs ago, and all that….became reality . it was all a dream, a year ago . but it became reality . breathing new york air . working in new york . driving a nice car like skyline 35 . touring europe with a special some one . vizitin tokyo again . earnin lots of money . living in a place of my own . all has come within nearer reach to me . for the past few things that turn to real . d scales of impossible on d chart has come down to possible . where as i once tot it was impossible n even never dare to tot abt it becoming real even has turn out to b reality for me . wat a year it was .. i shouldnt give up my dreams just becoz . i cant drive d car all d time . or i cant go to my girl’s place everyday . i should b more strong instead for all d dreams i once have is coming within a nearer grasp …

// sometimes we have ups and downs, and we need to do when we are down, is to remember n see wat we have in front of us to help us keep on moving //


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  1. i don’t know what you mean by ‘mai ci’ everything so smoothly, but what i am doing is just reminding you what you know but sometimes forget.. we look at things we don’t have, and strive for it; then sometimes we look at things we have, and feel grateful and happy.. right?  things are on the ups.. Happy 22, dawg..


  2. nice blog for dis, with loz of thankful remarks. it’s nice to be an appreciated one…… but hey, y din u thank me here for d present i done for u? hehe…jk!
    keep movin’ on!!


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