its been a year n 2 days since iv landed here, the city of los angeles . its been one hell of a ride . well, let us put it this way … my baby girl, asked me to write down wat i have gain over this one year . might as well write wat have i lost over this past year too . compare them together . n will see how d calculation will end up . before i get started, wat did i do this week, watched king kong, played ball n lost, worked, had my exams . got my own car.. lets get started .. nothing interesting in my life anyways . ok .. here goes

i lost my qkr6631, my one baby that brought me around, cruising around d roads of kch . running from police cz of my tinted windows . driving to go hang out with my  friends at red tea road, bringing me for laksa in the morning from the office, besides my beautiful 6631, iv resigned from my job about more than a year ago . nestle . that is . doing sales in malaysia . paying me around 2 – 4k a month, depending on bonus, iv lost my dear black AMD at home, which fill me with endless hours of sitcoms, ball vids, porno n music . i din lose my fwends, but i lost the time that i could spend with them, hanging out at red tea road, with d gang ah tak, mr 45, ah soon, ah siaw, ah deek . drinkin bubble milk teas. lost d chance to spend special times like bdays, etc with em . miss those dinners we all had . lost the chance to show of in the bars like soho n grappa . playing bball at jkr . breakin ppl’s ankles n shit . lost the chance to play ball at 1st silicon . watching movies at star cineplex . earning money with my old job . might prolly get a scooter n a honda intergra with a nice sound system n a set of nice rims . lost the chance to eat my kenyalang’s grandma’s cooking . i miss her so . miss the chance of gettin advice from her during dinner, while only both of us eating together, lost the chance to smoke with my aunt nana in genting, to drink beer with her. lost the chance to smoke with my other grandma at kmc flat . lost the chance to eat . gubak mee, laksa, zheng mee (carpenter st) and kueh chap .

lets see on the other hand, 1st of all . i got to met my beautiful lovely sweet baby, who spoils me like no other chiq has ever done, miss caterine chang pei shan . muaKz . got to live under the same roof with my mum, got to smell d pacific ocean, got to battle down at venice beach with those ballers, got to see d maddest dunks in real life, ppl streetballin, got to watch and1 live in LA, got to see kobe dunk on a fast break live, got to see san francisco at night, with it’s most breathtakin night view, the one at mullholland drive aint bad too, got to ride the cable car in san fran that i only used to watch in tvs when i was younger, got to meet a few of the most special ppl in my life, shout out to my man steven~ got my very 1st car that is under my name, evendoh it has a few dents on it . my mirage . got to have my toes bury under the ‘baywatch’ beach while laying down lookin at d stars talkin with fwends . got my student visa, going to skool again, evendoh its kinda pain in d ass when u have to work full time just to cover ur own fcukin fees, its all good doh. got to go on a road trip all d way to seattle .. 2800miles .. 2 way .u do the math . those sights were unbelievable .. only see em in tvs . i asure u . got the chance to play paintball, to braid my hair, to buy some nice nice . kicks n clothes .

overall, wat would life be like if i didnt make d choice to come n fight for my dreams, to live overseas? id b driving my nice honda at home, working my ass off everyday, thinkin wat would it be like on the other side of d earth . happily hanging out with fwends everyday n every weekend and yet d same time wonder , is the grass greener on d other side . so that sums up the whole year . kinda .. i got a few things i wanted on my list . true friends, found em, money, found it . still working on it doh, a girlfriend who loves me so much, to make me feel wanted, to have me wake up every morning n to know theres someone caring for me . found that, after a few trial n errors with other girls . /me smirk well one or 2 things havent yet to b acheive . snowboarding n my skyline 35 .

u sum it up n tell me wats d verdict aight . its been one hell of a ride


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  1. u dun hv to sit outside in d dark. if, however, u want to look at d stars, u’ll find tat darknez is required. d stars neither require it nor demand it.
    thr’s owaz sacrifices. time when u gain, n time when u lost. depend how u value each thg. whc to grap hold on, whc to let go. it’s all in your perspective twd life.


  2. eh? u dont miss my annoying calls to ask u go drink at nite kar ? Woi nex time get a front seat where u can actually smell kobe’s sweat and take pictures of him and post it up or u cant bring cameras in ? Anyways, Merry xmas and happy ny


  3. You forgot “touka gokan” ??? It’s equivalent trade! Kekekeke! Remember this concept! “Perhaps you gain something after losing something. Even if you cannot see it in your eyes. If you’ve lost something, then you should have gained something from it, which is more valuable? ” 😛


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