few hours before the ending of this year , tot i put a few words b4 it all goes away . everybodys out bz celebrating n waitin for d countdown . happily drinking n waiting for d second  that will bring them a new start , some would b going to d paul van dyke’s rave, some i guess bbq in Kuala Lumpur doh, cz its raining 2nite at Los Angeles . some would b smiling n hugging as the clock ticks down for its final second of 2005 . im truly wondering wats gonna happen in abt 3hrs+ from now . i mean wondering wat will i b doing, where will i be . not even thinking abt few years from now . just wondering n thinking abt 3hrs from now . mayb i should make some plans . i guess thats wat its all abt aint it . afterall … nth comes by accident . everything happens for a reason? sometimes i doubt my own words n theories esp when things goes wrong . envy? i used to b a person who has no envy on anybody else . i used to think i have everything in d world n want everyone want to envy me . to wanna be me . but as i grow into this new age i keep asking myself . why am less n less d man i used to be? why do i envy other ppl? why do i wanna b them? why do i hate my life? why do i want to live their lifes? mayb im just weak, when things changes n when things dont go d way i want it ..

just like crumbling statue .. im crumbling down ..

-// everything changes //-


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  1. i’m not gonna preach “being contented with what one has”. cause that may end up as lack of drive. envy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. how you deal with it is all that matters. and letting it consume you… that’s when it fucks you up.


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