well i guess it aint too bad . afterall . didnt do much . on d countdown . watching tv at steve’s place . just d 3 of us . him ,me n my baby girl . we were watching d new york countdown 3hrs ago . i think or i wanna go there for d 2007 countdown . well it aint too bad . had some beer . d next day . dat is today, we had lunch with billie n aiko . nice good chinese food, after that went back to steven’s place . watched cinderella man . decent movie . then it was raining cats n dogs in LA . so went back to my mum’s place . had a nice dinner .. lobsters .. 2lbs each . cant complain abt that . had some red wine, champagne . then we sat down to play a game of RISK . its a new game to me . evendoh its been around for ages . its kinda interesting . if u wanna take over d world . mayb u should start practising on this game ..

2006 ..

i guess its a new start afterall ..


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