33yrs & 7days old

nov30thIts been a while since I actually wrote a blog. I think its quite a privilege in this era of time with the internet we can keep logs of our thoughts like a time capsule.

Once in a while I go back to my old blog, I had one on Xanga before I moved to the United States and once I got to states I moved over to blogspot, cant remember why.

The sucky part is sites like Friendster and Xanga just went away and took all the pictures and posts with them. Also sites like multiply went down as well. So all the pictures that I took from the beginning years when I got here to America is all gone.

Crazy part is exactly 10yrs ago in 2006, I think I just started blogspot.

Nov 30th picture from the gym hours. Its crazy what my life has evolve into.


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