9bot @ Manhattan Beach


One thing I knew I was going to get is the reset button coming back from Malaysia. Just being in Malaysia reminds me why I came to the States in the first place. Malaysia is a nice place to live its just hard if you are trying to go for a higher quality of life, the country is poor so with the currency, 1usd = 4.5rm (Ringgit). That means it literally will take you almost 5 times as long to buy anything, from an iPhone to a car or a pair of Nikes.

I think its also easy for us to get caught up in a loop, in a routine, in our head, not in a routine, chasing the next big thing and all sudden time zooms by and more importantly we lose sight of what we have. The air we breathe, the health we have, and the opportunity of life itself.

So today after practicing at the gym like my usual days, I decided to go to explore a beach that I rarely been, I was gonna go Redondo Beach but I ended up at Manhattan Beach. It was quite an excellent time, a few hours went by just like that. I was zipping up and down on the sand on my 9bot till I end up running out of power. The 9bot is really heavy (30lbs) so I decided to call an Uber to get me to my car. The whole time while I was on the 9bot, the feeling was quite magical, all the memories of me first landing here in LA 12yrs ago came back, it was almost like the sense of gratitude and the sensitivity to the air was higher..

It was a beautiful day.


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