My 12th Winter


Arrived in St.Louis yesterday, it feels like ages that I had a winter. The winters that really stood out in my life, is the one when I went to Japan in 98 when Mariah Carey’s 94 ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You track was hot everywhere during my visit.

It was my first sensation of my skin being in true winter. Nagoya was lovely. Japan was actually amazing, I was in tears on the last day I was there. 6 weeks I think. Homestay with Japanese homestay parents. They were this old couple that could barely spoke English but treated me as I was their own grandson.

The 2nd winter that really stood out was 17th Dec 2004 the evening I landed in Los Angeles, the day I migrated to America from Malaysia. The following day my mum brought me to Costco on Washington. The cold breeze from the parking lot was a significant one in my life. Next week it will be 12yrs Ive arrived in America, been trying to be in the moment and as present as possible whenever I can or when I catch myself. Remembering how the breeze felt like and how grateful I was when I first landed many years ago.

I havent had winter in a few years, the last couple of years Ive spent at least a month or two during LA winters in Asia and one year I was in South America.

And today Im in Missouri experiencing the winter, however I took a fall at the gym after only getting an hour ish of practice. A fall trying to climb higher to get a better angle to film myself for study. Aahh well.


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