omg 3 days to go before i start my long awaited journey to the west . i slept the whole morning away and its 2pm now . come to think of it wat a morning it was, few hours ago . who would have think i would b walking in the hospital at 4 in the morning . well it was supper at siang siang 3rd mile’s kueh chap1st but then ending up in a little adventure around the General Hospital . but then its a good sincere deed dat iv done . when u do good, good things always come back in return .. but then sometimes u have to set the day . so its gonna b friday nite *winks*


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  1. Oh My God~!~it’s friday nite again~!~but tonite it’s going to be different~!~cos it’s ma de fatt her MaLvIn last fridaynite last week end in Malaysia~!~ish zishz…..i wonder how @ nite going to be?have fun dudeszzzz~!~capture everymoment from now ON~!~Do take care ya~!~we will miss ya always only in da bball court n also SOHO~!~!…DO SEND MY REGARD TO mR KOBE BRYANT YA~!~KEKEKE..!*_*!


  2. going already? time flies by too quickly…what’s the adventure to the SGH like? ps, Hope you’ll have a good journey to the west…sounds like a Chinese movie’s title lol. Good luck there!


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